Interpersonal relationship

    Open Relationships

    By / December 15, 2016

    I can’t really say that any of the guys that I date at London escorts are really loyal to their partners. Many of them wonder why their relationships do not really pan out. Being loyal to one partner is important and it is very unlikely that dating other women will be seen as being loyal…. Read more

    Cheap Escorts Questioning Love

    By / August 14, 2016

    In my recent relationship, I found myself looking for love all of the time. It was kind of strange, and I never really felt that my boyfriend at the time loved me, but he kept saying that he did. My friends at cheap escorts had problem reading him as well, and I am sure that… Read more

    Who loves who the most?

    By / July 27, 2015

    Angela, one of my best friends of all time, still works for a London escorts agency. She has been having this relationship with a guy for the last year or so but it does not seem to be going anywhere. As a matter of fact, she thinks that he is more in love with her… Read more

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